Question: Why Do I Need to Use GenAI?

Answer: To learn, create, and analyze faster. Oh, and keep your job! 👀

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🌟 Know the “Why”

If you have ever watched Simon Sinek’s TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action, you are familiar with his concept of the “Golden Circle”,  in which he states that knowing the “Why” is what gets people to believe what you believe.

Thanks to awesome reader feedback, I discovered that I have been sharing with you a lot of the “What” and the “How” when it comes to GenAI, but not so much the “Why”. 🧐

In the broadest sense, we can break down the reasons to use GenAI into these seven categories:

  • Education

  • Content Creation

  • Productivity

  • Self-Service

  • Data Analysis

  • Problem Solving

  • Entertainment

You have likely used GenAI to learn something new or to craft emails or documents. Some of you may have tossed some data at GenAI and asked it to analyze the data.

Your organization likely uses (or is planning to use) GenAI for customer support or self-service features like chatbots or assistants who can answer questions.

But how many of you use GenAI to create schedules for you? Or to give you a daily reminder of what you need to accomplish today to meet your goals? How about asking it to tell you a story or role-play with you? 🎭

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

As you continue to learn about GenAI, you will realize the endless possibilities of how it will impact your life - both personally and professionally. I have seen some apply new labels like “4IR” to GenAI. That stands for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

No matter what we call it, I want you to better understand the “Why” as you learn the “How” and “What”. Please complete our brief survey to tell us what we can do to help you on your journey. 🚀

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To reinforce how important it is to understand the “Why”, I am replacing the next section that previously had a Prompt Framework (How) with a discussion each week on the “Why” you should use GenAI. Check out this week’s Top 5 Reasons You Should Use GenAI (Why). 🏆

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

Understanding the “why” of using GenAI will not only help you be more effective in your life, it provides you with the power to explain to other people how they can improve their lives, too!

Want some inspiration? Watch Simon Sinek’s 18-minute TED Talk.

📝 Top 5 Reasons You Should Use GenAI

This section is devoted to the “Why” behind using GenAI.

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

GenAI can automate repetitive tasks such as drafting emails, generating reports, and creating content, freeing up valuable time for more strategic work. By learning to effectively interact with GenAI, you can significantly boost productivity, allowing you to focus on tasks that require human insight and creativity.

Access to Instant Information and Support

GenAI serves as a 24/7 virtual assistant, providing instant responses to your queries. Whether it is for learning a new skill, troubleshooting, or gathering information, GenAI can offer quick solutions or guidance, making it an invaluable resource for continuous learning and problem-solving.

Improve Communication Skills

Interacting with GenAI can help refine your communication skills. By formulating clear and concise prompts to get the desired response, you inherently practice structuring your thoughts and questions more effectively. This skill is transferable to human interactions, enhancing your overall communication capabilities. I wrote a few weeks ago about how my ability to interact with humans has been improved as I use GenAI more.

Foster Creativity and Innovation

GenAI can be a powerful tool for brainstorming and creative thinking. It can generate ideas, suggest alternatives, and provide examples that can inspire creativity. Learning to use GenAI means unlocking a powerful ally in your creative process, often providing clever and unique ideas.

Stay Ahead in the GenAI Revolution

The integration of GenAI into our daily lives and workplaces is accelerating. By learning to use tools like GenAI, you not only enhance your current skill set but also position yourself to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world. Understanding and leveraging GenAI capabilities will be a key differentiator in many industries, making your knowledge of GenAI capabilities a valuable asset for your career.

Learning to use GenAI is not just about leveraging a cutting-edge tool; it's about embracing a future where GenAI enhances human capabilities, making our work more meaningful and our lives easier. While it may replace some jobs, it is more likely to enhance our ability to do our job. And it will clearly create new jobs that we have not seen before, just as the world wide web and smartphones did. 🏆

📄 Prompt of the Week

For this week’s prompt, you can take a job description and have GenAI analyze it. From this analysis, you will get an overview of the job and detailed summaries of job candidate profiles that can help you attract and select the best candidate. You can use those profiles to craft compelling posts in LinkedIn that would attract a candidate who fits that profile. You can also use the profile to review resumes and develop interview questions.

Here is a prompt that you can take, modify, and make it your own!

You will act as a highly-experienced HR professional who develops workforce plans and job descriptions. Use your extensive experience to provide an analysis of a job description.

To analyze the job description, I will provide you with a description of our company and the job description. To identify the key skills and qualifications required of the job, follow these steps:

1. Analyze the Job Description: Break down the job description into core competencies, required experiences, and desirable traits.

2. Craft Profile Summaries: Based on the analysis, create 3-5 comprehensive profile summaries for candidates who would be qualified to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities. In these summaries, highlight the characteristics of the potential job applicant’s background and experiences that can be linked to success in this job.

Our company's description is between the <company> and </company> brackets:




The job description is between the <job> and </job> brackets:




📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant. Click on the heading to read the full article.

AI chatbots focused on romance are not new, but they represent a new threat. The Mozilla Foundation issued a report that many of these chatbots are being used to collect private information that can then be used to steal identities or wreak havoc in your life. Be careful what you share! 😳

On February 20, ChatGPT was not just giving unique and creative answers, it started to return gibberish and gobbledygook in its responses. 😆 

A Sample Response

OpenAI soon corrected the issue and explained that a software update caused the problem. In the speeches I give about AI in HR, I explain that these models convert words to numbers and then do pattern matches to create responses. OpenAI admitted that it was the misalignment of these number patterns that caused the silly responses. 🔢

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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