Talking to GenAI Changed How I Engage with People

Learning the art of AI questioning is transforming our real-world conversations

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🌟 Using GenAI Brings Us Closer

Engaging with generative AI (GenAI) has transformed the way I approach conversations, not just with machines but with people as well.

Through my interactions with GenAI, I discovered the importance of asking deeper, more thoughtful questions. This practice has not only improved my conversations with AI but has also spilled over into my human interactions, making them more meaningful and insightful.

For instance, I recently needed information about marketing from someone who I know is really good at it. Before using GenAI, I would have approached the person with my question and not provide much context or ask any questions. After learning how to more effectively use GenAI, I first asked the person a few questions about the topic, then provided some context as to why I needed the information, then asked for the information.

The interaction was very different from previous ones and we had a much more in-depth conversation. I actually learned more than I expected because I asked those initial questions!

This lesson underscores the value of curiosity in all forms of communication. By consciously deciding to ask more and better questions, we can have a richer exchange of ideas with each other. And it is not just about getting answers; it's about exploring the thought processes and perspectives behind those answers.

Leverage the curiosity learned by interacting with GenAI to deepen your interpersonal communications

So, how can you incorporate this into your conversations?

Start by embracing a mindset of curiosity in every interaction, whether it's with colleagues, friends, or even GenAI. Challenge yourself to go beyond surface-level exchanges. This simple exercise can dramatically transform the quality of your interactions. And by adopting a more inquisitive approach, inspired by how you are learning to interact with GenAI, you are likely to discover new facets of people and topics alike.

Let's make this week about unlocking the potential of every conversation with the power of questions. 🏆

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

This week, try to implement one specific strategy: before any conversation, think of at least three thoughtful questions you could ask to delve deeper into the subject matter or the other person's views.

📝 This Week’s Prompt Framework

This section highlights a prompt framework that will get you great results. 💯

BAB: Before. After. Bridge. 

Improving Team Collaboration


Team feedback and performance metrics indicate a decline in collaboration and communication efficiency, impacting project deadlines and overall team morale.


Transform the team within three months into a cohesive unit exhibiting high levels of collaboration and communication, resulting in improved project completion rates and enhanced team satisfaction.


Develop a comprehensive plan that will move the team from the “before” state to the “after” state. This plan should include topics like: enhancing trust and open communication, better collaboration and transparency on tasks and deadlines, and effective communication and conflict resolution techniques.

Give that framework a try and let us know how it works for you! 🏆

📄 Prompt of the Week

Here is a prompt that you can take, modify, and make it your own!

Please provide a detailed plan to help me coach an employee on improving their work performance based on the competency of [competency].

This plan will include: 1.) examples of why being good at this competency achieves stronger outcomes; 2.) examples of other roles that are known to do this competency well; 3.) skills or capabilities that can be developed by the employee to help improve this competency; 4.) at least 4 examples of on-the-job activities that the employee can undertake to develop this competency; and 5.) a bullet-point list of the success criteria of what being good at this competency looks like, including how to measure that success

Bonus: Not sure of what competency you should have the employee focus on? If they have a well-written job description, you can start there. If not, use this prompt first to determine what competencies are relevant to their job:

Please provide 5 competencies that are required for the following job: [job title]. For each competency, provide a title, brief description, and 4-5 bullet points of how that competency can show up on the job.

📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant:

🦾  A Tiny Caribbean Island Cashes in on the AI Boom

The island of Anguilla hit the AI jackpot. And it is not because they sell more robots or own ChatGPT. It is because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) assigned them the “.ai” internet domain back in 1995. Any organization that wants to register a domain ending in “.ai”, which is very popular right now, has to pay Anguilla the registration fee. This fee runs between $150-175 per year. A typical .com or .us domain is about $15-20 per year.

In 2023, Anguilla earned $7.4 million from .ai domain registrations. It is estimated that they will earn between $25-30 Million in 2024, which represents about 15% of their GDP. Not bad for an island of about 16,000 people. 🏝️

You can imagine that scrolls charred by the eruption of a volcano would be a little brittle and difficult to handle. A group of people put together the Vesuvius Challenge to read them without handling them. Some very talented people just used AI to decipher them. Click the link above to learn what the scrolls said. 🌋

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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