Are you hesitant or uncertain about how AI is going to impact your job and your organization?

Our research shows that people who manage people have reservations about using AI in the workplace and it is based on three major factors:

  1. They don’t understand how AI really works

  2. Their organization has limited or no access allowed to AI tools

  3. They are uncomfortable about where to begin the process of learning so that they can speak intelligently about it to HR, executives, and other leaders

You are not alone!

Led by the unique insights of Paul Carney and his AI virtual persona, Perpeta Paul™, this AI newsletter dedicated specifically to people who manage people serves as your playbook for seamlessly integrating AI into your HR practices. Let us help you build the confidence in AI that you need to manage people effectively.

From basic concepts to advanced strategies, their unique blend of human expertise and AI intelligence covers it all, ensuring you can stay one step ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in managing people. Each issue focuses on practical AI applications in HR, helping you to understand and implement AI strategies effectively. 

Here is how you will be well-equipped to tackle any HR challenge with AI:

  • Learn to harness AI for enhanced productivity and decision-making

  • Bridge the gap between complex AI technology and everyday HR needs 

  • Navigate the AI landscape confidently and safely, transforming your fear and uncertainty into mastery and confidence

  • Simplify the tech jargon and focus on practical applications of AI in HR

Mastering AI tools and techniques is not just about keeping pace with technology; it's about leveraging these advanced resources to fill in knowledge gaps, enhance decision-making, and drive productivity.

After reading each issue, you will be equipped with practical, actionable techniques that you can implement immediately, enhancing your professional growth and making you a more valuable strategic asset to your organization. 

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