Let's Get Cooking with AI in HR

Learning to craft effective AI prompts is like cooking a gourmet meal

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🌟 From Kitchen to Keyboard: The Recipe for Perfect Prompts

In the world of gourmet cooking, the difference between a good meal and a great one lies in the details of the recipe and the cooking process. While you may have the recipe and ingredients, missing or vague ingredients and directions can lead to an entirely different dish (response) than intended.

Crafting effective generative AI (GenAI) prompts requires a similar blend of precision and creativity where every detail can elevate the outcome from ordinary to extraordinary. Put on your apron as we show you how each prompt can be a recipe for success. 

🍱 Choose Your Ingredients Wisely

Using quality ingredients can make or break a meal. So can the details used in putting together a prompt. It is easy to jump into a tool like ChatGPT and just start typing your thoughts, but would you run around the kitchen and start dumping ingredients into a bowl to make tonight’s dinner? 🍲

Building a prompt requires a plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Research has shown that putting your request at the beginning of the prompt then following it with the additional information produces better results than if you give the background first.

Perpeta Paul Pointer: 

While we use our natural language to converse with GenAI, this is an example of where it is different from how we talk with humans. When asking a human for something, we would typically give the background first, then present the request.

Here is a simple prompt that reflects this idea:

I need to better understand how to calculate and present the impact of employee turnover across our various departments. Please review the following data and present me with the first 3 actions I need to take to accomplish this.

Our company has highly-varied rates of employee turnover…

See how the first paragraph outlines your goal? You then follow it with the specific details (remaining ingredients) that the GenAI engine will need to respond.

🔥 The Cooking Process

Now that you have your plan and ingredients ready, the next step is to assemble and structure your prompts for clarity and understanding. Like a gourmet meal, knowing when to add ingredients and how to combine them is key. 🔑

With GenAI prompts, the order of the items following your initial request does not impact the results. What you need during this stage is to be clear on the information you are providing.

For instance, your company and industry may use jargon and acronyms. Unless you indicate what they mean for your purpose, you may end up with irrelevant results! 🗑️

In HR, we use the term “PTO” to mean “Paid Time Off”. But in industries like agriculture or heavy machinery, it can also mean “Power Take Off”. They both have to do with “taking off” but in very different ways. 😁

Another example is “ADA”. To HR professionals, it is likely the “The Americans with Disabilities Act”. But in the world of dentistry, it is the “American Dental Association”. If you are going to use acronyms, it is good practice to provide a section of your prompt where you define the acronyms so that GenAI is clear about what they mean.

Clarity is also important if you are providing details of multiple situations. For instance, if you want to compare and contrast multiple scenarios, be very clear what data belongs to each scenario by labeling them.

Here is an example:

For the following scenarios, compare and contrast the impact each scenario will have on employee turnover.


scenario 1 information goes here



scenario 2 information goes here



scenario 3 information goes here


You could have simply labeled it as:

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

Scenario 3:

But you are taking chances that GenAI will interpret where each scenario starts and ends. By using brackets (<>) and clear labels, you help GenAI know your intentions.

Perpeta Paul Pointer: 

That first example looks more like computer code than it does natural language. Remember that GenAI is a computer and you will need to adjust the way you converse with it to help it better understand you.

👅 Taste-Testing the Outcome

Time to savor the results! 😋

It is time to analyze the response to ensure quality and relevance. But what is relevant and how do you determine the quality of the output?

This is were I will make a bold statement:

AI will not replace all humans at work

We require that there is a Human in the Loop to make sure the response answers our questions with relevant information. While GenAI will help us complete 80% of a task, humans are needed, and will be for a long time, to put the finishing touches on the results. Jim Nielsen talks about the importance of human interaction in his blog entry, It’s Humans All the Way Down.

Consider this the “presentation” part of a gourmet meal. While a chef can use quality ingredients, follow precise steps, and produce a great tasting meal, it is the presentation of that meal, the visual appeal, that captivates the diner and provides the wholistic experience. The result of how you transform the output generated by GenAI is the icing on the cake.

One final note: You will likely iterate through these steps multiple times to get the result you desire. We will review these concepts in future editions of the newsletter.

📝 Practical Prompt

In each newsletter, this section will provide you with practical prompting tips and techniques. Remember that learning how to communicate with a computer who speaks your language will require specific techniques.

This week’s topic is:

❇️ Assigning GenAI a Role ❇️

By defining a role, you tailor GenAI's capabilities to suit specific needs or scenarios, leading to interactions that are more coherent, useful, and user-friendly. A role allows GenAI to understand the context and purpose of the interaction and to adopt a tone and approach that is appropriate and engaging for you.

For example, in the role of a personal fitness coach, GenAI would use motivational language and provide exercise and nutrition advice, enhancing your engagement and experience. If asked to be a customer service representative, GenAI would adopt a polite and helpful demeanor, focusing on resolving queries and offering support.

One other reason to use a role is that it limits the scope of GenAI's responses, making the communication more focused and less prone to irrelevant or overly broad information.

When you create your next prompt, start out by assigning GenAI a role that fits the type of expert or personality with whom you want to converse. But remember, it is still a computer and will need a lot more instruction to get robust results. We will cover more of these topics next time.

😲 Crazy AI at CES

If you didn’t hear, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas last week and in their words, “is the only trade show that showcases the entire tech landscape at one event”.

CNET reports that this year’s show was about AI in Everything.

But what caught my attention was a recent Mindstream newsletter that highlighted the Crazy Things at CES.

freak out no GIF by UBTECH


Among them were 2 items that piqued my interest:

AI Pillow

Yes, this is a pillow that detects snoring sounds and adjusts it shape. 😲

AI Mirror

More than what Snow White saw and heard, this mirror will analyze your face and suggest skincare routines to rid you of the oily face or bags under your eyes.

Those are just a few of the “more interesting” uses of AI this year. It looks like AI is here to stay. 😎

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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