Why AI is so Important to HR

And how you, the HR Professional, are at the center of this transformation.

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👋🏼 Well, Hello There!

Welcome to the introduction of the Promptly HR™ newsletter.

With so much going on over the past year regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is impacting Human Resources (HR), we are determined to help HR professionals understand all of this.

That is why we brought together the Dynamic Duo to help you on your journey of integrating AI in HR. Let’s meet them:

Paul Carney, SPHR

Paul Carney is a well-known HR professional and technology geek. He writes and speaks about using AI in HR because he has a passion for helping HR professionals learn how to leverage the immense power of generative AI (GenAI) in their companies.

And in response to recent rumors, yes, he is a unicorn. 🦄 He has a very unique combination of expertise in technology, business, and Human Resources that very few people in the business world have. It is this combination of talents that enables him to help you quickly and effectively learn to integrate GenAI in your HR functions.

Paul earned respected accreditations from the Blockchain Council as an AI Expert™ and Certified Prompt Engineer™. Paul also published the insightful book, Move Your Æ(ash): Know, Grow, and Show Your Career Value in 2018.

Perpeta Paul™

Perpeta Paul™ is the virtual persona of Paul Carney. Perpeta Paul was born out of Paul’s work to download his extensive knowledge and experiences in technology, business, and HR into an AI Expert System.

Perpeta Paul is the integration of that Expert System with a massive database of HR and business information AND the powerful capabilities of generative AI (GenAI). As smart as Perpeta Paul may be, Paul reminds him that he doesn’t know everything that Paul knows – yet. 😁

🧐 Why is AI so Important to HR?

Since the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, we have been studying and using it, along with so many other tools, to better understand how it works and what impact it will have on HR professionals like you.

As you have likely heard and experienced for yourself, we can confirm that the life of an HR professional like you will never be the same again. Whether we like it or not, GenAI is going to influence our HR careers. And here is the kicker:

As HR professionals, you need to leverage GenAI to enhance your skills and abilities as you tackle HR-related challenges while you also hold the responsibility to be the catalyst for widespread AI literacy in your workplace.

To unlock the power of GenAI, you need to guide employees through the learning process to use GenAI for increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

The Promptly HR™ newsletter offers HR professionals like you a roadmap to accomplish these goals. You can only help others learn how to harness the power of GenAI when you have allocated the time to learn for yourself. 

📚 What We Have Learned

Where do we start? 😲 It has been an incredible expedition so far and we are barely out of the train station.

We have learned 2 major points that we will share with you now:

  1. You have used GenAI tools like ChatGPT and found them helpful, but our research shows that you have barely used 30% of the potential of GenAI.

  2. Building quality prompts are the key to leveraging the power of GenAI, and you need effective prompt templates to do this well.

For example, you may have used a simple prompt like this:

Generate a job description for an HR Business Partner

While you will get a decent response, we have learned that prompts like this one get you more robust results:

You will act as a highly-skilled HR professional who has decades of experience creating job descriptions and managing talent at our organization. We are a community bank of about 700 employees. Our purpose is to serve the communities we live and work in. Our values are collaboration, empathetic listening, and doing what it takes to help our customers and each other succeed. 

Please generate a job description for an HR Business Partner. It should include: 

A brief summary section that includes the concept that this role is accountable for helping the organization achieve higher performance to exceed business goals. 

A “Duties and Responsibilities” section for the following competencies. You will create sentences based on this information that will include the title followed by 2-3 bullet points with a brief description of that responsibility:  

Organizational Development

Performance Management

Legal and Ethical Compliance

Strategic Acumen

A “Skills” section highlighting the following skills. You will create sentences based on this information that will include the title followed by 2-3 bullet points with a brief description of that skill: 

Performance Management Systems

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software

Employee Relations


Learning and Development


A “Qualifications” section. You will create sentences based on this information: 

Previous experience in HR Business Partner or similar role

Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field, or equivalent experience

Proficient in HR software (e.g., HRIS or HRMS) and Microsoft Office

Strong people management skills and the ability to engage with staff at all levels

An “Additional Attributes” section that is 2-3 sentences crafted from these highlights:

Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple priorities

Strategic thinker with strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Empathetic and supportive with a strong focus on building positive workplace relationships

Strong ethical standards and a commitment to confidentiality

Support and guide managers through organizational change processes

A final section that includes a standard “equal opportunity employer” statement that highlights how our company values diversity and inclusion. 

Please use words and phrases that are not too flowery and would be used in a standard corporate, professional setting. The tone should be professional. Please keep your creativity low, with a temperature setting of 0.1.

Notice the difference?

Stay tuned to future newsletters as we outline how you can enhance your prompt competency from basic to advanced and even perhaps, expert! 🏆

🚀 What’s Next?

As we stated at the beginning, it is so very important for you as an HR professional to understand the power of GenAI, not only for your career, but for your organization.

Stay with us on this journey and we will learn together. 🤗

And remember, this is a conversation. Please share your ideas, thoughts, and challenges. We can grow stronger together through our shared experiences.

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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