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🌟 Keep it Simple, Silly!

The KISS rule is our mantra for today’s action-packed newsletter. 💥

While I have written about the 2-3 page prompts I often create, I did not start there. In fact, I learned by doing simple requests like:

  • What are synonyms for "business problem" or "business challenge" that begin with the letter "f" or "p"?

  • Guide me through a 15-minute stretching routine to improve flexibility

  • What are the top 5 email marketing tools that I can use to send emails from my business web site? I need the ability to have multiple templates that I can integrate and call directly from my python/django system using APIs. Provide a table of the top 25 features/benefits for each service provider, and include information on their pricing.

Ok, that last one is not that simple, but as you have been learning, it is considered a structured prompt because it:

  1. Starts with the question (if you bury the question later, GenAI might get confused)

  2. Provides context (my needs)

  3. Directs the output format (table)

  4. Provides what to include (features, benefits, pricing)

Once you learn to follow a structure when you create prompts, it gets easier to fill in the pieces - like a puzzle. 🧩

3 Tips to Simplify Your Prompts

Start using these concepts today as you craft prompts:

  • Speak normally

  • Be concise and clear

  • Try to not use negative phrases

GenAI is more sophisticated than Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant. When you used those tools in the past, you had to adopt a special way to “talk” to them so that they didn’t give you strange answers. With GenAI, you can talk normally and it will understand you better.

Don’t add more than you need. Use simple words instead of complex ones. And if you use acronyms, define them or you risk it misinterpreting your intention.

Finally, it is better to use positive phrases rather than negative ones. For instance, when you say “do not include examples from …”, GenAI may focus on the “do” and miss the “not”.

Instead, say something like:

Only include examples from …


Disregard examples from …

You can do amazing things with GenAI as you learn how to talk its language.

Wisdom does not just come from the answers you get, but the bold questions you dare to ask

Don’t be afraid to ask!

The more you practice with GenAI, the better you get at understanding how it will act and react.

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

As you learn how to balance specific and directed questions with open-ended questions, you allow GenAI to flex its computational muscles to focus it on providing you with useful results.

📝 A Practical Prompt

This week, we are dedicating this section to a few simple-to-use frameworks that will get you great results. 💯

RTF: Role. Task. Format. 

Role: HR Manager

Task: Develop a comprehensive onboarding program for new employees that encompasses company culture, policies, and role-specific training.

Format: Detailed plan outline

Prompt Example:

"As an HR Manager, your task is to create a comprehensive onboarding program for new hires. This program should introduce them to our company culture, outline essential policies, and provide role-specific training. Please develop a detailed plan outline that includes objectives for each section, activities to achieve these objectives, and metrics for evaluating the program's success."

CTF: Context. Task. Format. 

Context: Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in employee turnover within the technology department.

Task: Conduct an exit interview analysis to identify common reasons for departures and develop a retention strategy.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Prompt Example:

"Given the recent spike in turnover within the technology department, your task is to analyze exit interviews to pinpoint common reasons for employee departures. Based on your findings, create a retention strategy that addresses these issues. Present your analysis and strategy in a PowerPoint presentation format, which will include data visualization for key statistics and a step-by-step action plan for the retention strategy."

TREF: Task. Requirement. Expectation. Format. 

Task: Analyze current employee engagement levels using the latest survey data.

Requirement: Use statistical software for data analysis. Compare engagement levels across different departments and identify any significant trends or areas of concern.

Expectation: Generate a comprehensive report.

Format: Written report with charts and graphs.

Prompt Example:

"Your task is to analyze the latest employee engagement survey data to assess overall engagement levels across the organization. You are required to use statistical software to conduct this analysis, with a focus on comparing engagement between departments and identifying significant trends or concerns. The expectation is a comprehensive written report that includes detailed charts and graphs to illustrate your findings, along with actionable recommendations based on these insights."

As you see, there are many simple frameworks you can use to build effective prompts. Play around with one or two of these for your next prompts and let us know how they work for you! 🏆

📄 Prompt of the Week

Here is a prompt that you can take, modify, and make it your own!

Act as an experienced Excel trainer. Provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a specific task in Excel. This could include tasks such as creating a pivot table, formatting data, using formulas or functions, creating charts or graphs, or any other Excel-related task. Clearly explain each step, specify any required settings or options, explain what functions to use, and provide any additional tips or recommendations to ensure accurate and efficient completion of the task.

Help me with the following task: [describe your task]

📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant:

On your next trip to Pasadena, California, be sure to stop by and visit “Flippy the Chef” at Cali Express by Flippy. 🤖 It is a fully robotic kitchen experience with AI-powered cooking and order kiosks. While it offers potential savings for the restaurant given labor shortages and high minimum wage costs, it remains to be seen if humans won’t mind a blank stare from the manager when they complain about an order gone wrong. 😑

While imaging tools have gotten more powerful, especially on the latest smartphones, this AI tool is a bit more scary. As the author indicates, it is not so much about the capabilities - it is still not perfect - but how fast it has evolved. At this pace, deepfake photos will be everywhere by this summer. 👀

Rather than relying on huge datasets to learn a language, researchers in Australia strapped helmet cams to infants to “see” how they learn language. They collected over 61 hours of footage and when it was used by AI to learn language, it successfully matched words to images 62% of the time, which is comparable to other models trained on vastly more data. 👶🏼

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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