All Aboard! Use AI to Build a Better Welcome Wagon

You can now build and manage personalized onboarding for every employee

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🌟 Building a Better Welcome Wagon

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Promptly HR newsletter.

As HR professionals, our goal is to not only introduce new hires to the company but to do so in a way that sets them up for success and long-term engagement. 🌟

Onboarding with GenAI

Imagine an onboarding process so seamless that new hires feel fully integrated and valued from day one. With GenAI, this isn't just possible; it's becoming the standard.

Let's explore how GenAI is making this happen and why it’s important for you to get on board.

  • Personalization at Scale GenAI enables us to tailor onboarding experiences to individual needs. Whether it’s by role, department, or even learning style, AI helps customize the process, ensuring each new hire gets exactly what they need to thrive. It is time we moved beyond one-size-fits-all onboarding.

  • Efficiency and Engagement From automated scheduling of training sessions to AI-driven interactive simulations, GenAI streamlines administrative tasks and enriches the onboarding experience. This not only frees up HR’s time but also keeps new hires engaged through interactive and adaptive learning methods.

  • Continuous Improvement Feedback is the lifeblood of effective onboarding. GenAI tools analyze feedback in real-time, allowing us to tweak and improve the onboarding process continuously. How well does your current strategy adapt to feedback?

Learn to craft effective prompts to leverage GenAI. By learning to ask the right questions, we can guide our AI tools to produce even more precise and useful results.

Why Integrate GenAI in Onboarding?

As HR leaders, embracing GenAI is not just about keeping up with technology—it’s about leading the way in creating a more adaptive, personalized, and efficient workplace.

  • Future-Proofing HR: Integrating GenAI into onboarding processes ensures our practices remain relevant as technology evolves. It positions us as forward-thinking leaders in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition and management.

  • Enhancing Employee Experience: By personalizing and continuously improving the onboarding experience, we significantly increase job satisfaction and retention rates from the outset.

  • Scalable Practices: GenAI allows us to effortlessly scale our onboarding processes, accommodating growth without compromising the quality of the employee experience.

GenAI streamlines administrative tasks and enriches the onboarding experience.


  1. Leverage AI for Customization: Use GenAI to personalize the onboarding process, making it relevant and engaging for each new hire.

  2. Focus on Continuous Feedback: Utilize GenAI to gather and analyze feedback in real-time, allowing for swift adjustments and improvements.

  3. Invest in Learning: Continuous education on GenAI capabilities and effective prompt crafting will keep your HR practices where they need to be.

Let’s commit to transforming our onboarding processes with GenAI. Engage, learn, and lead the change in HR and let’s make onboarding better together!

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

Think about your current onboarding process.

What three areas could GenAI make the biggest impact?

📄 Prompt of the Week

Here's a sample prompt that you can use to improve your employee onboarding process.

I am working to enhance our employee onboarding process to make it more efficient and engaging. Please help me accomplish this by using the following information and tasks I need assistance with:

Summarize Existing Onboarding Process

  • Current Steps: Summarize the key steps in our existing onboarding process, focusing on [option 1: administrative tasks, option 2: training modules, option 3: welcome activities].

  • Identify Gaps: Analyze the current process to identify any gaps or areas that could be improved, such as [option 1: time delays, option 2: lack of personalization, option 3: incomplete training].

Analyze Feedback from New Hires

  • Data Analysis: Analyze feedback from new hires collected over the past year to identify common pain points. Focus on comments related to [option 1: the clarity of information, option 2: the usefulness of training, option 3: the overall onboarding experience].

  • Trend Identification: Highlight any trends or recurring themes in the feedback that indicate systemic issues or areas for improvement.

Create Solutions for Identified Problems

  • Automate Administrative Tasks: Suggest ways to automate repetitive administrative tasks such as [option 1: form filling, option 2: scheduling meetings, option 3: document signing] using GenAI.

  • Personalize Onboarding Experience: Propose methods to personalize the onboarding experience for each new hire based on their role and department. This could include [option 1: tailored training modules, option 2: personalized welcome messages, option 3: customized resource guides].

Develop Alternative Onboarding Approaches

  • Interactive Learning Modules: Create a plan for implementing interactive learning modules that can adapt to the new hire’s learning pace and style. Consider using [option 1: gamified learning, option 2: video tutorials, option 3: hands-on practice sessions].

  • Virtual Mentor Program: Develop a proposal for a virtual mentor program where new hires are paired with experienced employees. Outline how GenAI can facilitate mentor matching and progress tracking.

Generate a Detailed Onboarding Improvement Plan

  • Step-by-Step Plan: Generate a step-by-step improvement plan outlining the actions needed to enhance the onboarding process, including timelines and responsible parties.

  • Implementation Strategy: Suggest an implementation strategy that minimizes disruption to the current onboarding process while integrating these improvements. Consider a phased approach starting with [option 1: a pilot program, option 2: specific departments, option 3: new roles only].

By leveraging GenAI to refine and personalize our onboarding process, we aim to create a more welcoming and efficient experience for our new hires. This initiative will help us retain top talent and ensure that new employees are set up for success from day one.

Replace the items in the [ and ] brackets to meet your specific needs.

This is a large, complex prompt. While you can use it all at once, I highly recommend that you tackle each section alone as its own prompt.

If you do break this up into multiple prompts, remember to keep using the same chat session (conversation) for the next prompt, as it will remember the information from your previous request and continue to build upon it. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out and I can assist you.

This prompt is designed to help you enhance your onboarding process and ensure new hires feel welcomed, informed, and ready to succeed. 🚀

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📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant. Click on the heading to read the full article.

Microsoft recently published a report following a survey they conducted and here are three major points they discovered:

  1. Employees want AI at work—and they won’t wait for companies to catch up.

  2. For employees, AI raises the bar and breaks the career ceiling.

  3. The rise of the AI power user—and what they reveal about the future.

Artificial Intelligence Work GIF by Pudgy Penguins

There’s a well-known observation among roboticists called the Moravec’s paradox: What is hard for humans is easy for machines, and what is easy for humans is hard for machines. Thanks to AI, this is now changing.

Robots are starting to become capable of doing tasks such as folding laundry, cooking and unloading shopping baskets, which not too long ago were seen as almost impossible tasks.

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎


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