How Will GenAI Impact Your Job?

Know what tasks, duties, and responsibilities can be enhanced by, or replaced by, GenAI

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🌟 Job Description Tasks that AI Will Do

Today, we are diving deep into the content of the job descriptions within your organization. We are peeling back the layers to discover what roles GenAI is set to revolutionize and how this impacts your role as an HR professional.

Have you ever considered the fine line between tasks that can be automated and the goal-seeking components of a job? 🤔

Let's break it down. Job descriptions often list tasks alongside broader objectives or outcomes. If you find that a job leans heavily on tasks, it might be time to sound the alarm. Yes, that is a signal that GenAI could step in and replace the human completing the task. But before you panic, remember, not all is doom and gloom.

Most jobs, especially in HR, are far more complex than simple task execution. They're about getting things done - a human specialty. This is where goal-seeking comes into play, setting us apart from our AI counterparts.

Humans excel at planning, sequencing tasks, and driving towards objectives. It is this unique ability to pursue and achieve goals that ensures our value in the workplace and the reason we won’t be completely replaced by AI robots. 🌟

So, what's the next step for us in HR? For one, it is critical to differentiate between tasks that GenAI can optimize and the strategic, goal-oriented elements that require the human touch.

For tasks, determine how to use GenAI tools to enhance efficiency and free up our time for what truly matters. But for the non-tasks? That's where our human ingenuity comes into play. We need to explore how GenAI can support, not replace, our goal-seeking talents.

Remember, technology is here to augment our capabilities, not to make us obsolete. In countless instances, tech has amplified human potential, not curtailed it. And why is that? Because of our unparalleled goal-seeking capabilities.

Technology is here to augment our capabilities, not to make us obsolete


  • Distinguish between tasks that can (and should) be automated and the strategic, human-driven aspects of jobs

  • Embrace GenAI as a tool for task automation, freeing human resources for more complex, rewarding work

  • Leverage human goal-seeking abilities to plan and achieve objectives, ensuring technology serves as an augmenter, not a replacement

How are you planning to integrate GenAI into your HR practices?

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

Where do you start? Choose a set of job descriptions from a department or section of your organization. Review each of the job duties and responsibilities and categorize them as task or goal-oriented. Once you have that, you can identify where GenAI can fit into the job.

📝 WHY: Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

This section is devoted to the “Why” behind using GenAI.

In the ever-evolving workplace, you are constantly seeking ways to do more with less. GenAI presents a compelling solution, especially when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency. 📈

Automating the Mundane

Think about the last time you found yourself buried under a mountain of administrative tasks. Could these have been automated? GenAI excels in taking over repetitive tasks like drafting emails, generating reports, and even creating engaging content. This automation doesn't just speed up processes; it frees you up for more strategic thinking and creativity, aspects of your job that truly benefit from the human touch.

A Real-World Application

Imagine an end-of-year report that typically consumes days of your time to prepare. Now, picture leveraging GenAI to compile data, draft initial report sections, and even suggest areas of improvement based on trends it identifies. Suddenly, what was a week-long project is cut down to just a couple of days, with far better insights.

The Human Insight Edge

While GenAI handles the task-oriented load, you are free to focus on what matters: people. With the extra bandwidth, HR professionals can dive deeper into employee engagement, leadership development, and culture-building initiatives that require a human-centric approach.

Why It Matters Now

The question is not why should you use GenAI, but rather, can you afford not to? In a world where efficiency and innovation are increasingly becoming table stakes in business, embracing GenAI isn't just about staying relevant; it's about leading the charge towards a more dynamic, responsive HR function.

Engage and Reflect

How much of your week is consumed by tasks that GenAI could streamline? Reflect on areas where your human skills could shine if you could be freed from these repetitive duties.

This week, identify one task you believe GenAI could improve. Share your thoughts or experiences with us, and let's explore together how GenAI is reshaping the HR landscape.

Your Call to Action

Takeaways for Thought 🤔

  • GenAI's ability to automate frees HR professionals to focus on strategy and creativity.

  • Real-world applications of GenAI in HR show significant time savings and enhanced insights.

  • Embracing GenAI isn't just about efficiency; it's about enhancing the human elements of HR.

As HR professionals, our journey with GenAI is just beginning. By integrating these tools, we're not just streamlining our workload; we're setting the stage for a more strategic, human-focused approach to HR. 🏆

📄 Prompt of the Week

Use this prompt as a starting point to develop an onboarding checklist customized for your next new hire. Reflect on your organization's unique needs and how GenAI can assist in meeting them.

As an HR professional tasked with optimizing our new employee onboarding process, I'm seeking to create a comprehensive checklist that ensures a smooth and engaging integration for our new hires. Here's what we need:

### [Insert specific goals or focus areas of your onboarding process here, such as cultural integration, compliance training, or role-specific skill development.] ###

Given these goals, please generate an onboarding checklist that includes:

1. Pre-Arrival Tasks: What should be prepared before the employee's first day? Consider items like technology setup, access credentials, and introductory materials. [option: technology setup, option: workspace preparation]

2. First Day Agenda: Outline a day-one schedule that balances formalities with engagement and learning. Please incorporate elements like welcome meetings, HR paperwork, and team introductions.

3. First Week Objectives: Identify key objectives for the new employee's first week, ensuring a mix of learning opportunities and initial contributions. Suggestions should cater to both the employee's role and our broader company culture.

4. Ongoing Support and Integration: What steps can we take over the first month to support the new hire's transition? Include checkpoints for feedback, additional training sessions, and social integration activities.

5. Resources and Contacts: Provide a list of essential resources and key contacts within the company that a new employee should be aware of. [option: IT support, option: HR contacts, option: mentorship programs]

### [Optionally, insert any specific tools, platforms, or methodologies unique to your organization that should be included in the onboarding process.] ###

The aim is to craft a checklist that is not only thorough but also aligns with our company's values and the new hire's success. Please structure the checklist clearly, categorizing tasks by timeline (e.g., pre-arrival, first day, first week, first month) and ensuring readability for easy implementation.

📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant. Click on the heading to read the full article.

That is a statement made by Yann LeCun, the Chief AI Scientist at Meta. He covers a fascinating journey in describing the difference in how a human child learns and an LLM learns. The author covering this story describes how AI learns using Type 1 Thinking which is quick, instinctive, and automatic, while humans use Type 2 Thinking which is rational, slower, and conscious. Chalk one up for humans so far!

Gen Z says, “Bring it On!” In recent surveys, members of Gen Z indicate that they understand the impact that GenAI may have on their jobs and they are willing to figure it out. Not all generations are as flexible on this point. Part of the reason is that this is the first generation that will be brought up with GenAI at their fingertips. Remember what that was like for those of us who grew up with desktop computers (Gen X), the Web (Gen Y) and smartphones (Millennials)? 😎

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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