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Detecting and Removing "ChatGPT Voice" from Your Prompt Results

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🌟 What is ChatGPT Voice?

When we speak and write, we all have our own “voice”. ChatGPT and the generative AI (GenAI) tools also have theirs.

Interacting with GenAI tools brings together a human conversation with the depth and breadth of a large-scale knowledge base. And while it uses a tone that can be engaging, respectful, and tailored to the user's needs, GenAI can veer off the tracks in multiple ways:

  • It LOVES contractions!

  • It uses words that are not normally in our conversations

  • It uses phrases and words that don’t match our grammar patterns

I will start off with the contractions. While they are not verboten in our language, you should minimize the use of them in written documents for two reasons:

  1. Contractions tend to sound informal and conversational which may not meet your goals if you want to maintain a tone of professionalism and formality

  2. They can lead to ambiguity or misunderstanding, especially if English is not the person’s primary language or if a reader scans too quickly and reads can when it was can’t

Word choice can be a flag that GenAI was used

While I did come up with the word “verboten” in the previous paragraph without help from Perpeta Paul (my AI virtual persona), here are some words that should alert you to content created by GenAI:

  • Revolutionary

  • Transformative

  • Tapestry

  • Foster

Yes, these are actual words that have come through in the thousands of prompt results I have reviewed.

And while I still cringe at the elementary school days of diagraming sentences and learning the proper uses of grammar, finding these in my GenAI results make me go, huh? 🧐

  • Not only…but also

  • This is about, all about

  • This is like, it’s like, think of X as…

As GenAI is trying to be congenial, it goes a little too far in beating around the bush. See below on tips to counter this.

Perpeta Paul Pointer:

Sentence length and structure is also an Achilles heel for GenAI. It tends to create long, monotonous sentence structures. We find that a short-long-short format works best to keep attention. Can you find them in this newsletter? 😁 

How do you improve your results? You can instruct GenAI to avoid words, phrases, and sentence structures that will cause the reader to pause. 🥇 

Check out this page that covers specific instructions you can provide that will help to keep your content from being flagged. 🏁

📝 A Practical Prompt

This week, we will cover the goal of providing instructions in your prompt.

Provide Instructions to GenAI

Providing specific instructions helps GenAI remain focused on the issue you are trying to solve. Here are three examples of instructions you can provide.

Ask to Develop a Strategy

Outline strategies for resolving a conflict between two team members who have differing opinions on a project approach. Emphasize mediation and finding common ground.

Ask for Best Practice Recommendations

Provide best practice recommendations for conducting effective one-on-one meetings with team members in a remote work environment. Focus on engagement and productivity.

Ask for Guidance in a Specific Situation

Please provide guidance on how to handle a situation where a direct report consistently misses deadlines. Focus on communication strategies and steps for constructive feedback.

There are multiple ways that you can provide instructions. The more specific information you provide to GenAI, the better it will understand your goals.

And as we say often, keep the Human-in-the-Loop. Don’t just copy/paste the results. Review them and adjust as needed.

📱 Other AI News

Here is a roundup of other AI news we found interesting and relevant:

I know that the dating scene is rough out there (I heard from a friend 😎), but this really shows us how weird it can be. The personal chatbot goes on quick virtual first dates with the bots of potential matches. It even opens with an icebreaker and chats about interests and other topics picked up from the person it is representing. People can then review the initial conversations and decide if they want to make a human-to-human connection. 🤖 

Amazon is not the only one launching an AI-driven shopping tool. Etsy has designed their own assistant to provide a dedicated shopping experience for their customers. It was built in response to 71% of their users feeling anxious when shopping for gifts for their loved ones. You will find examples like: “The Music Lover”, “The Video Gamer”, and even “The Pet Parent”. Fur babies everywhere will forever appreciate that last one. 🐶

As someone who uses ChatGPT a lot (to the point that I gave it a name - I will cover this in later newsletter issues), I understand why job applicants are doing this. Did you know that a recruiter or hiring manager spends on average 7-8 SECONDS scanning a resume?? Anything a job applicant can do to get and maintain the attention of a recruiter is key.

Until next time, keep managing and developing people, one AI prompt at a time! 💎

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