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  • The Rundown AI

    The Rundown AI

    Get the rundown on the latest developments in AI before everyone else.

    "The Rundown AI is one of the most concise overviews of AI and its impact on all parts of our lives. Rowan Cheung does a great job providing an easy-to-read daily. I highly recommend this newsletter. 🤖"
  • One Thing Better

    One Thing Better

    Each week, the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine shares one way to be more successful and satisfied — and build a career or company you love.

    "Jason tells it like you need to hear it! 😎 His stories are inspirational and action-oriented. One of the best things I have learned from him so far: Don't set goals as numbers to reach, like number of subscribers. Instead, set action plans and take actions that will lead to more subscribers! 💥 I recommend you subscribe and follow Jason's journey. "
  • Mindstream


    The hottest AI newsletter around. News, opinions, polls and so much more. Join us for free!

    "I love their sense of humor while covering so much there is to learn about AI and how it is being used in our lives. It's a quick read. I recommend you give it a try. 🚀"
  • Futurepedia


    Join 150,000 professionals learning to leverage AI tools and AI skills for work.

    "The list of AI tools continues to grow faster than the weeds in my garden! Futurepedia is one of the best newsletters that outlines the tools available to help you in all aspects of life. And they have a great sense of humor, adding some posts on pros and cons of topics relevant to your life. 😁"
  • Take Off

    Take Off

    The TakeOff analyzes emerging market trends, actionable insights and venture capital flow in technology.

    "If you want a quick read on the latest trends in business and technology, Take Off will do that for you. It's a quick, easy read that will alert you to the latest topics. It will get your mind going! 🧐"
  • The Revenue Generator

    The Revenue Generator

    Actionable insights to help you generate more revenue

    "Harris and his team do a great job of inspiring you to generate more revenue through action plans you can quickly implement. Their insights are easy to understand, allowing you more time to focus on showing the world how awesome you are! 🏆"
  • Bite Sized Beta

    Bite Sized Beta

    The best learnings in tech, as told by your entertaining friend in <5 min. One email a week, no spam, no BS 💪🏼

    "This is quite the entertaining newsletter! It covers tech, business, and other topics in an easy-to-read and fun manner. I look foward to their weekly musings. 😁"
  • AutoGPT


    Curated weekly analysis of the latest AI projects, products, and news. Join 100,000+ readers and get the latest AI news, tools, and productivity tricks.

    "Another great summary of all things AI. ✅"
  • World Builders

    World Builders

    The newsletter to make you a smarter storyteller. Join 79,000+ writers, creators, and founders for free.

    "If you know me, you know that I *love* to tell stories! 😎 Nathan Baugh does a great job in this newsletter by making us think about the stories we tell, and the ones we don't. He provides insightful tips on how to craft and tell better stories. "
  • Outlier Growth

    Outlier Growth

    The newsletter for founders & business owners to grow your business with marketing systems (from a CMO).

    "If you own a business or want to start one, check out Brian's newsletter "Outlier Growth". Each week he covers topics that get you thinking. And if you have questions, he says to reach out to him and I can verify that he is right when he says that he will respond! Great newsletter to grow your business. 🚀"